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Web Development Services

Enhanced Business Ventures has been promptly delivering professional Web solutions inclusive of web designing, web development, web content management, and ecommerce, for years to startups as well as established Enterprises of the various sectors. We offer a complete array of web development services. We put into action our expertise in the areas of internet strategy, web designing, branding, search engine optimization and cutting edge web technologies to empower clients to achieve their goals effectively. We are well versed with web development of diverse solutions ranging from Corporate Websites to Custom Web Applications and from Enterprise Portals to e-Business Solutions.

Some of our key areas of expertise:

  • Vast domain knowledge and expertise in multiple Business verticals
  • Web site consulting and strategy reviews – Internet strategy, ecommerce consulting
  • Design Services – Concept, interface, architecture, branding, graphic design
  • Application Testing – Load, stress, performance testing etc.
  • Technology Services – Technology evaluation, technical design and architecture, database design, Client side programming, server side scripting, application hosting, support and management

Mobile Apps Development

Rise of mobility and smartphones and its importance.

Mobile devices and smartphones have become increasingly popular and important. They have completely transformed the way we do business today. There has been tremendous growth in the number of Mobile and smartphone users over the last few years with users gaining more awareness and eagerness to take advantage of such devices. With the mobile technology providing easy to use apps for almost every one, there has been huge acceptance for new devices like Google Glass or smartwatches etc. There is ongoing improvement with every device version that is brought into the market. With strong and quick networking systems, good internet speed and connectivity and powerful apps available in the market these smartphones and mobile devices are gaining enormous importance.

Advantages with us:

  • Huge savings of users time and money
  • Premium Quality Apps designed to meet your requirements
  • Technical ability and infrastructure to cater to almost all types of mobile apps
  • Rich Mobile User experience developed over the years of implementation
  • Innovative solutions that generate entirely new business models and user experiences for all
  • Mobility Solutions that emphasizes business transformation and speed to market
  • Upgrade apps with the changing platforms to gain maximum functionality and features


eCommerce Development

Our expertise in delivering high end and feature rich ecommerce websites lies in the fact that we are highly process oriented and work very closely with our clients to understand each and every requirement well, irrespective of it being major or a minor one. Our ecommerce development team consists of analysts/consultants, certified Magento developers and testers who contribute their best to deliver the highest quality outputs. This dynamic team of ecommerce technology specialists have hands on experience of developing eCommerce business and elevating it to higher levels. We have proven expertise in emerging open source technologies such as Magento, Prestashop, Volusion, Shopify, Woocommerce, and Bigcommerce which guarantee an extremely delightful and a rich user experience.

A few of our key considerations while developing rich websites are:

  • Making the right choice of the platform
  • Building websites based on business specific requirements
  • Proper Planning and flawless Website designing
  • Content and Navigation planning
  • Development, integration configurations and extensive testing
  • Scale and size of products and customers
  • Leveraging SEO friendly URL structures
  • Integrating Site Analytics

Content Management System

A content management system is a software system rendering users the ability to collaboratively administer and author all kinds of website content. Any enterprise with voluminous content finds it necessary to have a CMS in place that is capable of dealing with all sorts of content management and publishing of bulk content in a sorted and organized manner. We build customised and robust CMS solutions for such enterprises.

CMS makes site administrator’s job easy

CMS websites has made website administrators job of maintaining a site easier because it does not require the admin to have technical knowledge or programming expertise. The Content Management Application (CMA) component of the CMS has the inbuilt capability of managing the creation, editing, and deletion of content from a website without needing the expertise of a web programmer / developer. Apart from the CMA, there is another element of the CMS the content delivery application (CDA) which leverages and compiles all the changes that happen to the website making the life of the administrator easy.

Cloud Solutions

How cloud computing and virtualization is changing how enterprise and consumer software works?

With the adoption of Cloud and virtualization the there is a prominent shift from a traditional approach of enterprises that only designed for IT and neglected user experience to companies that lay emphasis on product features, usability and creating a delightful user experience in the SaaS world. Cloud computing has been around for quite some time. Now enterprises have started trusting it after testing its development projects and applications. Enterprises have slowly shown forward movement and are slowly moving their critical operations too onto the cloud.The cloud and virtualisation have deployed applications that are infrastructure-responsive and can scale themselves smartly. Because the applications are aware of external events, decisions can be made quickly and the application and infrastructure together can facilitate real-time delivery.

Benefits of cloud based solutions

Our Cloud computing solutions have enormous benefits to offer:

  • Increased Efficiency - As opposed to the traditional ways, cloud services are quickly deployed and are instantly ready for use in a matter of minutes.
  • Faster Disaster Recovery – Since capacity, location planning and operations are now our responsibilities, it allows enterprises to respond quickly to any business changes that may arise unexpectedly.
  • High Flexibility – Enterprises have moved to cloud mainly due to its ability to quickly meet business demands as required. It has shortened time to market
  • New Business Models – We offer enterprises new cloud based business models and value propositions using cloud services alone.
  • High Collaboration - Allows all employees across the globe to sync up and work on documents and shared apps concurrently, and receive critical updates in real time. 
  • Go Green – We use servers as per the business need, thus decreasing the carbon footprint. Using the cloud results in almost 30% less energy consumption and carbon emissions than using on-site servers

Validation and Testing

Validation in simple terms means confirmation.

In context of software, it means evaluating the final software product to check whether it complies with the business requirements from the end users perspective. Our goal of Validation is to answer the fundamental question “Are we building the right product?”. Test execution is the validation activity by which a product is tested. It includes various types such as User Acceptance Testing (UAT), smoke testing, regression testing, functional testing, systems testing, feature testing, integration testing, load testing, compatibility testing, stress testing, etc.

Why testing?

The main objective of our testing process is:

  • To cross check if the final product meets business requirements
  • Early detection and correction of errors
  • Early identification of product related risks
  • To enhance compliance with schedule and budget requirements
  • To guarantee the Customer a high Quality product delivery
  • Low maintenance Cost and more accurate Product



Our Mantra

"Our business model is centered on teamwork with Clients and Partners to deliver innovative products and services that would ensure enhanced results and expectation of all stakeholders." 

--- Emeka Umegboh, Chief Executive Officer


About Us

We are :Enhanced Business Ventures (EBV) a Nigeria multidisciplinary company. We undertake projects of any scale, complexity, corporate or individual assignments with the same highest level of commitment, quality and enthusiasm. The firm is engaged in the following lines.

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